Akisol Alvor Star

Less than five minutes away from the beach, Akisol Alvor Star was built to offer you your dream vacations. If you stay in Akisol Alvor Star you’ll have access to the fabulous beaches of Algarve, known throughout the World, letting you enjoy Algarve’s marvellous climate. Near several golf courses, water parks and restaurants, you’ll always have something to keep you busy, exploring the diversity that characterizes the south of Portugal!

Akisol Armação Pera In IV

Booking our Akisol Armação Pera In IV, you’ll just need a little walk to get your toes on the fantastic sands of Algarve. You’ll spend the whole day and night by the sea, without have to worry about the time, the trip or how you’re going to get home. Accompanied by the paradisiac beach there’s several cafes, restaurantes and supermarkets, where you can not only buy food but also spend some of your time.

Akisol Manta Rota Sky II

You won’t have to worry about trips, schedules or other inconveniences, just the beach. Next to the sands and waves of the Oceano Atlântico, you can take full advantage of what Algarve has to offer you! If you want a different morning or afternoon, you can always play a round of golf or a set of tennis, or take the little ones two a water park, gibing them an experience they will remember their entire life time.